Improvements and enhancements


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Improvements and enhancements

It took more than an year to develop the C-130 for FSX. What is new in the 'C-130 X-perience' comparing to the 'Legendary C-130' for FS2004?

    • Nine new models of the C-130 variants
    • Designed according to FSX standards
    • Full FSX compatibility provided
    • Optimized for best performance
    • Corrected and improved exterior 3D model
    • Corrected and improved exterior textures
    • Improved interior model textures
    • Improved lightmaps
    • Improved exterior lighting
    • Corrected and improved systems
    • Improved flight model
    • Improved sounds
    • New visual and system features (GPU, sounds, animated radome and more)
    • New ACE (Aircraft Configuration Editor)
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