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C-130 X-perience Free Demo

We hope this Free Demo will help our customers to make more informed purchase decisions and thereby enhance their satisfaction with the C-130 X-perience product.


• No obligations, hidden fees, registrations, banners, adware etc
• Unparalleled visual quality and realism
• Designed according to FSX standards
• DirectX 9/10 compatible

• Highly detailed and accurate C-130E Model
• High resolution texture of USAF Livery
• Hundreds of Custom Animations
• Animation Control Panel
• Custom Self-shade
• Custom Views

• Highly detailed VC including:
    - Flight Deck
    - Cargo Cabin
• Custom Self-shade
• Hundreds of custom 3D Animations
• High resolution Textures
• Custom Views

• 5 high resolution full-screen 2D Panels
• 14 additional 2D Panels

Misc Features:
• Exclusive visual Effects
• ACE - Aircraft Configuration Editor
• After all it is Free!

Please note, the following features are not included in the Free Demo:
• Extensive Systems Programming
• Realistic Flight Model (flight controls locked in the Demo)
• Custom system sounds
• Authentic Sound Set (alias to default Beechcraft sounds in the Demo)
• Repaint Kit

How to get the Free Demo?

Please do not install the Free Demo if you already have the C-130 X-perience product installed. You will see nothing new but damage your original installation.

    1. Make sure MS FSX is not running.
    2. Save the Free Demo .exe file (~36 Mb) to any folder on your computer.
    3. Run* the downloaded .exe and follow the prompts.
If you wish to buy the C-130 X-perience product, click:
Start > Programs > Captain Sim > C-130 X-perience DEMO > Buy the C-130 X-perience
or just visit our Online Store.

When you done using the Free Demo just click:
Start > Programs > Captain Sim > C-130 X-perience DEMO > Uninstall
The Free Demo must be uninstalled prior to any C-130 X-perience product installation!

Enjoy Your Flight!
Captain Sim Team

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