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767 Captain II
Boeing 767
757 Captain III
Boeing 757
1011 Captain II
Lockheed L-1011
777 Captain II
Boeing 777
737 Captain
Boeing 737
707 Captain
Boeing 707
Weapon for FSX
B-52 Driver
727 Captain
Boeing 727

11 Apr'22: C-130 for MSFS2020

The C-130 Captain for MSFS2020 is available
6 Dec'21: 764 Captain for MSFS2020

The 767-400ER for MSFS2020 is available
23 Jul'21: 767-3CF

The 767-3CF Expansion for P3D is available
15 Jul'21: 737-400

The 737-400 Expansion for P3D is available
9 Jul'21: 777F for MSFS2020

The 777F for MSFS2020 for is available

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