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Pro Line Product


The popular 'Legendary C-130' series originally developed for FS2002/FS2004, and has been rebuilt, improved and expanded to meet modern Captain Sim quality standards and provide a full spectrum of FSX features.

Captain Sim is pleased to announce the 'C-130 X-perience' for FSX: the most advanced, complete and accurate C-130 ever available for any game platform.

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The C-130 family includes the following four separate products:
  All-in-One Pack Download only!
  • Base Pack
  • Extra Pack I
  • Extra Pack II
Pro Pack
Base Pack
Extra Pack I
Extra Pack II
• Interior (VC):
  - Two Flight Deck versions
    (analog and EICAS)
  - Cargo Cabin
• Two 2D Panel versions
    (analog and EICAS)
• Extensive Systems
    (2D and VC)
• C-130E Exterior Model
• 7 liveries:
  - USAF (current gray)
  - USAF (70-s camo)
  - Canadian AF
  - USAF (80-s camo)
  - Royal Australian AF
  - Swedish AF
  - Italian AF

• 8 Exterior Models:
  - C-130A (3-blade props)
  - C.Mk1 (with rfl probe)
  - HC-130 (USCG)
  - C-130J (6-blade props)
  - C-130J (with rfl probe)
  - C-130T (JATO)
  - CL-130 (on floats)
  - KC-130 (tanker)
• 9 liveries:
  - USAF (60-s bare metal)
  - RAF (80-s camo)
  - RAF K (current grey)
  - RAF J (current grey)
  - USAF 175WG 135AG
  - Italian AF
  - US Coast Guard
  - US Marines (gray camo)
  - 'Blue Angels' (USNFDS)

• 9 Exterior Models:
  - C-130J-30 (stretched)
  - C.Mk3 (stretched)
  - C-130H
  - C-130H French
  - C-130H-30 (stretched)
  - LC-130 (on skis)
  - NC-130 (AEW&C)
  - L-100
  - AC-130 Gunship
• 9 liveries:
  - RAF (current green)
  - French AF
  - Japan AF
  - Dutch AF
  - UN
  - USAF (gunship)
  - USAF (current gray)
  - US NAVY (polar)
  - US Space Command

Less than $1.90 per model!
Less than $1.70 per model!

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