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Free Liveries Legendary C-130 Base Pack [FS9]

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Royal Norwegian Air Force 335 SDQ. C-130 Aircraft (TOR)
by Truls Petter Elven
Date submitted: Oct 28, 2005

Air Contractors C130
by Giorgio La Pira
Date submitted: Oct 27, 2005

Fuerza Aerea Mexicana C-130E Hercules
by Hector Perez Gonzalez
Date submitted: Oct 26, 2005

USAF WC-130 Hurricane Hunter
by Gregory W. Hux
Date submitted: Oct 26, 2005
Description: Aircraft assigned to the 815th W.R.S. circa 1980's
Legendary C 130 Hellenic Air Force
by Terry Doumlas
Date submitted: Oct 25, 2005
Description: Repaint in the colors of the Hellenic Air Force.
Blue Angels C-130
by Gregory Hux
Date submitted: Oct 24, 2005

Morocco Air Force
by Prasong U-Wang
Date submitted: Oct 07, 2005

Royal Thai Air Force Lockheed Martin C-130E (20th Anniversary - Weathered)
by Prasong U-Wang
Date submitted: Oct 06, 2005

Royal Thai Air Force Lockheed C-130E (Gray - Weathered)
by Prasong U-Wang
Date submitted: Oct 06, 2005

Evergreen International C-130E
by Christopher N Dittmar
Date submitted: Oct 05, 2005
Description: After 12 hours of solid non-stop work, I am proud to present a civilian livery for the Captain Sim C-130. This bird belongs to Evergreen International, and is based on photos I had off Airliners.Net. She is as close as my skills can get her. ALL work on this repaint has been hand done by me, including the tail logo. There are no copy/pastes here. Least to say this is my best hand done tail art to date. And I only plan on getting better. Unlike my other works, I am submitting these textures in 32-Bit for high quality. I plan to release a duplicate DXT-3 version as well.
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