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Free Liveries Legendary C-130 Base Pack [FS9]

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Austrian Airforce
by Christian Haiboeck
Date submitted: Nov 26, 2005

C-130 Michigan Air Guard
by Lucian Lie
Date submitted: Nov 26, 2005
Description: Very detailed and realistic skin for the Michigan Air guard C-130
C-130 Hercules "Delphin"
by Joerg Bieber
Date submitted: Nov 21, 2005
Description: Livery from German Butterfly VA with Delphin Nose.
C-130E Michigan Air National Guard
by Edward W Pawczuk
Date submitted: Nov 21, 2005

C-130 Hercules Danish Air Force
by Poul Holdt
Date submitted: Nov 17, 2005

Air Station Kodiak Coast Guard HC-130
by Brian Smith
Date submitted: Nov 16, 2005

Hercules C-130 K Austrian Airforce
by Manfred D.Saliger
Date submitted: Nov 15, 2005
Description: C-130K Hercules AUSTRIAN AIRFORCE. Repaint by Manfred D.Saliger.
C-130H3, 50th Airlift Squadron (92-0550)
by Mark Andrews
Date submitted: Nov 13, 2005
Description: Captain Sim's Legendary C-130. Repaint includes livery for 50th Airlift Squadron, 463rd Airlift Group tail #92-0550. It includes the appropriate markings and H3 square paratroop door windows but still includes HF antennas. I wasn't able to include the APU, H3 avionics or 92-0550's recent upgrade to LAIRCM. It's not quite an H3 but the external paint-scheme is accurate. ***UPDATE(#1)***Added: H3 Rt/Lt Fwd Escape Hatches; corrected serial number/unit from "0550/463rd AG" to "0550/463 AG"; repainted AMC symbol. Still need to find a way to add MWS & LAIRCM.
Wilderness Air C130
by Larry Hickerson
Date submitted: Nov 02, 2005
Description: Wilderness Air Cargo is bush pilots flying heavies. N10WA is a fictional cargo hauler.
HC-130 Portuguese Air Force (Camouflage Livery )
by Daniel de Oliveira
Date submitted: Oct 31, 2005

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