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TCE: Textures and Config Editor

What can you do with TCE?

1. Select, preview and add to FS2004 new Yak-3 variations (designed by you or other people and distributed for free).

2. Manage your Yak-3s fleet: select, preview edit and/or delete any existing Yak-3 variation.

3. Perform pre-flight on any selected Yak-3:
- Select one of the Yak-3 models.
- Select display smoke colors. - Select engine type. - Select cockpit lightning color. - Enable dynamic shine.
- Save your settings and you are ready to go!

Repaint artists! Textures templates for easy repaint included.

FLIGHT DYNAMICS: Designed by professional jet pilot a BS in Aeronautics. Consulted and tested by Yakovlev rated pilots.

SOUND PACKAGE: Realistic VK-105 engine and cockpit sounds.


User's Manual in 2 Parts designed in accordance with real Yak-3 FLight Manual (original 1945 issue).

Part I: Systems Manual (Describes all simulated systems, layout and operation of the various panels, instruments and controls).

Part II: Operations Manual (Contains Limitations, performance info, check lists, normal operating procedures with number of flight profile charts included).

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