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The 737 Captain (-200, -100, -200ADV and -200C/F) version 2.2 for P3D4 is available which includes the SP2.1 and the following new features and enhancements:
    - Compatibility is improved.
    - The PDCS temperature input is fixed.
    - The dome light switch is fixed.
    - The landing lights brightness is reduced.

Should I download and install the 2.2?

Only if you purchased the 737 Captain before 23:56 UTC, 26 Feb '18.

How can I get the 2.2?

1. Login to Your Profile.

2. Navigate: Product (737 Captain) > Extended Download Service and download the 2.2 to any folder on your computer.

3. Make sure the P3D4 is not running.

4. Double click the downloaded csy737_2200.exe file to install the 2.2.

5. Repeat steps 2,3,4 for the 737 Expansions (if applicable) in any order.

If you get an antivirus alert please read this.

The .exe files checksums and info

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