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737 Captain Free Demo

We hope this Free Demo will help our customers to make more informed purchase decisions and thereby enhance their satisfaction with the 737 Captain family of products.

Key features:

• No obligations, hidden fees, registrations, banners, adware etc
• Captain Sim quality and realism
• DirectX 9/10 compatible
• Accurate digital replica of the Boeing 737-100
• 4X high resolution textures of Lufthansa livery
• 3D transparent windows
• Passengers
• Self-shade
• Pre-saved views
380 free liveries and growing

Free Demo limitations:
• Most animations are INOP
• Animations control panel is INOP
• No Stewardess model (various airline uniforms)

Exterior only, so:
• Sound - alias to default FSX sound
• Interior (VC) - alias to default Boeing 737
• 2D panels - alias to default Boeing 737

How to get the Free Demo?

Please do not install the Free Demo if you already have the 737 Captain product installed. You will see nothing new but damage your original installation.
    1. Make sure MS FSX is not running.
    2. Save the Free Demo .exe file (~23 Mb) to any folder on your computer.
    3. Run* the downloaded .exe and follow the prompts.
To uninstall the Free Demo click:
Start > Programs > Captain Sim > 737 Captain > FREE DEMO > Uninstall
The Free Demo must be uninstalled prior to any 737 Captain product installation!

If you wish to buy the 737 Captain visit our Online Store.

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