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The 707 Captain (707-300) version 1.2 is available and includes SP1 plus the following new features and enhancements:
    New Features:
    - Removable Yokes in VC
    - Improved low lift Wing Flex
    - Show/hide Pilots in Exterior Model
    - Improved Interior Sound
    - Improved Cockpit Voice Recorder
    - Trim Wheel Sound
    - Cabin Attendant Call Sound

    - DNS Crash to Desktop fix
    - Improved Pressurization System
    - DME Indicator fix
    - External Air fix
    - Improved DNS
    - COMM and NAV Frequency Selector Knobs fix
    - Standby Attitude Indicator fix
    - Tank Temperature Indicator fix

    - Beacon Light Blinking fix
    - Minor Animations fixes

    - Updated Manuals
    - Improved Flight Model

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