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707 Captain Expansion Models

Deliver highly detailed and accurate digital replicas of Boeing 707-300C, Boeing VC-137 and Boeing VC-137 aircraft. 707-300 base pack required

Key Features:
    • Captain Sim quality and realism
    • Supports all features of the 707-300 base pack
    • Freighter interior cabin (300C)
    • 4X high resolution BOAC livery (300C)
    • Four 707-300 liveries (Qantas, BMA, Luftwaffe, Spanish AF) availabe as a freighter (300C)
    • 4X high resolution Air Force One livery (VC-137)
    • 4X high resolution USAF (552nd ACW/964th AACS "Phoenix Warriors") livery (E-3)
    • Animated cargo loader (300C)
    • Animated cargo containers (300C)
    • Loader control panel (300C)
    • Rotodome control panel (E-3)
    • Hundreds of Custom Animations
    • Animations control panel
    • Transparent 3d windows
    • Stewardess model (VC-137)
    • Exterior model systems programming
    • Wing flex
    • Wing flaps vortices
    • Custom self-shade
    • Pre-saved views
    • Repaint Kit
    • Exclusive effects
    • DirectX 9/10 compatible
    • Growing number of free liveries

707-300C screenshots:

VC-137 screenshots:

E-3 screenshots:

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