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Your team have done it again. I have yet to see a HUD work that well and look that good in MSFS. She is just wonderful to fly. The cockpit detail is one of kind. You guys have another winner on your hands. You and your team continue to amaze me.
-- David J. Slavens (USAF NCO, Combat Simulations Coordinator AVSIM Online www.avsim.com)

I'm very impressed by the 2 D cockpit and the aircraft handling, the areas that I'm most interested in, obviously a great deal of work has gone into this project. I'm very happy with the purchase and look forward to your future releases.
-- Stuart Gray (Boeing 757 Training Captain)

My hat's off to the Team. Another fantastic product. This one's even better than the L-39, and that was the best add-on that I had seen for FS200x!!
-- HammerTime

Just downloaded your Mig21 package yesterday and all I can say is WOW!! This might be the BEST FS add-on aircraft EVER and I don't say that easily. I am a beta tester for several major FS add-on including PIC 767 and DreamFleet 737 and your plane is even better than those!!
-- Mike Blier

This is one of the most lovingly crafted pieces of aviation software I have ever come across! I let it sit on the tarmac of my simulated home airport in FS2K2 for nearly half an hour just looking at it! Never flicked a switch! Is this the normal standard of your products? I have clocked up a reasonable 1000 hours + of home simulated flying since I started recording them but I'm under no illusions as to the reality of it all. I'm not a pilot, and probably never will be, but believe me when I say, that it's software of this quality that really makes me wish I was! I suppose the most appropriate closing comment here is the cliched, "..I'll be back". I certainly will, and thanks.
-- Ian Pollard

WOW!!! I just downloaded and installed the Mig21 and it's Awsome.... it has to be the best looking aircraft I've seen yet for fs2002 and it feels superb in the air. I am really looking forward to the F-104 now.
-- Marcus Richardson

This bird is simply great, one of the greatest addons I've ever seen, perhaps the greatest.
-- Marcel Felde

Yesterday I buy the MIG-21!! 5 Stars, BEST BEST, SUUUUUPPPPERRRRR!!!!!!! Best Greetings from Germany!
-- Juergen Tiemann

I love the MiG and the TLK products. They're outstanding.
-- Alex Stade

I can only say the Mig 21 is absolutely great!!! It's the most detailed aircraft, I've ever seen in any flight sim. Please create more planes like this. I'm looking forward to the Starfighter! Best regards from Germany
-- Rupert Vogl

Thats what I call customer service, excellent, thanks. I will have no hesitation in buying more of your superb products, thanks again.
-- Steve Guy

I want to thank the Captain team for having produced such an incredible product - you deserve an award. Absolutely fantastic.
-- Mike Flahault

I just want to say that mig 21 is superb! What a great and realistic flight model it is.
-- Dimitri Makrillos

Is a really pleasure make business with you, great software and fast answers. Thank you very much.
-- Jose Luis Alonso

First of all I like to say your Mig-21 is superb, just like the L-39 is, and I'm truly looking forward for your F-104.
-- Henk Essers

Thank you very much for the very fast and efficient help. I love the MIG 21 in every way.
-- Jörg Schindler

Thank you guys for a beautiful product, it flys wonderfully and as soon as I learn to land it I'm sure it'll replace your TLK39 as my aircraft of choice. Thanks for the best FS2002 aircraft so far.
-- Markku Airila

As I saw your MIG 21 I was overwhelmed. I never saw an aircraft in that detail and that realistic painting before. Congratulations! The most impressive detail for me is the afterburner-fire-cone and it's colours. Greetings and a successful future.
-- Peter Bauer

You have been supremely patient and tolerant and are assuredly the most professional and considerate company I have ever had the good fortune to deal with. Must be a Russian thing! All the best to you !
-- Ian Pollard

The winner of the year!!! Looking forward to the F104!
-- Marcello Aerni

The MIG21 has got to be the best addon in ten years of "simming" that I've seen. As a 5000hr pilot the handling characteristics are pure and the visual graphics are beyond desciption. Keep up the beautiful work. You have raised the bar for all flight sim addons - let's see if they can come close to matching your outstanding and obviously experienced work of art. Very little frame rate drop as well. It operates very well on my 850.
Thank you again for this beautiful aircraft and panel - worth every penney of the cost.
-- Gary Olson

I just read the review of your amazing Mig-21 og Flightsim.com and totally agree!!! It's without a doubt the best there is! I also have the L-39 and really enjoy them both. Can't wait for the F-104 (hope you make one i Royal Norwegian Airforce colours). Good luck with your upcoming project and thanks for the ones I already have on my harddrive!!!
-- Asbjorn Hansen

Have decided this is easily the most detailed aircraft for FS2002, well worth the cost.
-- John G. Wallace

I have been patiently waiting since computer flightsimming began for someone to do justice to the Mig 21. My wait is over. I am astounded by the top notch job you have done. My cup runneth over. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
-- Matt Duren

First off all let me thank you fort he wonderful MIG 21. She is awesome, good looking and I have no trouble at all with the aircraft, thank you for that.
-- Uwe Bestmann

Excellently done avionics-you could teach dedicated combat sim designers a thing or two about HUD modes and operation. LOVE the gyro gunsight, too. The MiG-21 hasn't been represented in a combat sim EVER. And you all have The One and Only MiG-21 sim on the planet now...hang some ordnance on that bad boy and let's go blow stuff up! :)
-- Victoria "Cat" Avalon (www.womengamers.com *Because Women DO Play*)

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