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Legendary MIG 21 Special includes three MiG 21UM versions:

- Standard: one 490L tank and 2 APU 13 rails;
- Clean: 2 APU 13 rails;
- Long range: one 800L tank and 2x490L tanks.

10 accurate and detailed liveries:

MSFS 2002/2004 MS CFS 2
USAF (Norma Jeane)
Finnish AF
Czechoslovakian AF
Polish AF
Indian AF
USAF (Norma Jeane)

37 free liveries available!

Legendary MIG 21 MSFS features:

- Moving parts: Hinged canopies, instructors cockpit periscope, rotating wheels, landing gears, wheel nacelle covers, engine nozzle, all-movable stabilizer, ailerons, rudder, flaps, airbrakes, landing gears shock struts.
- Animated adjustable afterburner.
- Very natural polished bare metal and canopy reflection.
- The dragchute DRAGS.

CFS Screenshots

... Fly tactical recc missions with recc pod type "D" + two C-24 missiles + two 490-liters drop tanks ...

... attack ground targets with 500 kg FAB-500 bombs ...

... use powerful C-24 unguided missiles and Gsh-23 GP-9 gun pod ...

Beautiful "Norma Jean" USAF paint included ...

MSFS 2002/2004 Screenshots:

The following ten versions are included in the Legendary MiG-21 Special package:

Polish AF Mig-21UM #9348. 3-rd Fighter Regiment "Poznan". Gdynia Babie Doly AFB, late '80s.

Finnish AF MiG-21UM #MK-105. Luonetjarvi AFB.

Soviet AF MiG-21 #62. Kacha Higher Fighter Pilot School, 1981.

UK RAF (polished bare metal)

This GDR (East Germany) AF MiG-21UM #226 has been awarded with German equivalent of the Excellent Aircraft award.

Indian Air Force

Soviet AF MiG-21 #03. 702-nd Flight Training Regiment of Chernigov Higher Fighter Pilot School. Uman AFB, 197

Luftwaffe (polished bare metal)

Czechslovakian AF MiG-21UM #3176. 9th Fighter Wing, Bechyne AFB. Late '80s.

And of course USAF (Norma Jeane)

Excellent flight dynamics

Very natural polished bare metal and canopy reflection.

Animated adjustable afterburner

Moving parts: Hinged canopies, instructors cockpit periscope, and more...

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