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MODEL - 100/100
PAINT - 100/100
AIR - 99/100
PANEL - 100/100
VC - 100/100
SOUND - 100/100

I tend to be rather an unforgiving reviewer, but the score I have given for this model should not be seen as a sudden departure from my previous nature in any shape or form as it is simply a true and honest reflection of my experience and opinions of what is a fantastic product.

I have no hesitation in recommending this package, just as I have no doubt that this is the biggest commercial release of an FS aircraft add-on this year being that the price of admission purchases, not just an exceptional product, but an experience that can be truly savored.

Captain Sim should be congratulated for delivering a commercial add-on that, once again, raises the bar and sets a new standard in both quality and professionalism.

I just wanted to thank your team for releasing what has to be the most impressive combat aircraft for FS...ever! I've had the F-104 for several months now, and I'm consistently amazed by the detail and quality. As a real-life pilot, I am often humbled by your -104's handling and landing qualities. I like that! Keep up the amazing work...
-- Mark C.

I've been simming with MS Flight Simulator since version 1 and the F-104 is absolutely one of the best addon aircraft I've ever had the pleasure to fly. Keep up the great work!
-- Walt

Best fighter EVER for fs2004 !!!!
Thanks to all of you guys at CS !!!
This is a great piece of work !!......
-- Stian

You have now become the ONLY developer that I will purchase ALL of your addons, no matter what type of plane it is, without question or hesitation!

Thank you CaptainSim team, from the bottom of my heart. You provide me with entertainment that makes me happy, and that is, as always for me, priceless!
-- Jim Fiedler

I would like to take this time to thank-you Capt Sim for the fantastic aircraft that you have developed. I have been waiting for your completion of the F-104, one of my most favorite aircraft. I was over in 3(F) Wing Zweibrucken Germany 1959 to 1963 and was exposed to this aircraft which has held a fascination for me ever since. Then you come out with this! WOW ! It flies like a dream everything about it, is as it was. I also picked up your other two aircraft 727 and the MIG-21, excellent work on those as well. Your web site is bookmarked in this household and I shall been awaiting more.
Keep up the fantastic job !!!
-- Col. Craw

Well I never ever thought that I would like a Starfighter very much. Ok, your Mig is fantastic, but......
this thing called Starfighter is fantastic. A very outstanding work, congratulations on that one!!!
You have raised the standards again. I have been flying around with several types now for a couple of hours, I love them and I even can land!
-- Uwe Bestmann (Germany)

Everything is right with the world now !!!................I downloaded her just fine............flew her around British Columbia for an hour........picked my jaw up off the keyboard.......tree-top level to up where God lives.........STUNNING.........words can't express my sincere joy !!!!! guys even have the " Moose in Rutting Season" sounds from the inlet vanes!!!.................I am blown absolutely away on this one !!!...............Thank You......Thank You ....Thank You !!!!...............
-- Jubal McIntyre

Once again, Captain Sim has stolen the show! Y'all do a fantastic job on your products and have become my favorite producers of addon aircraft! Keep up the good work, and I'm anxiously awaiting the B707!!
-- Sledge

Initial impression...WOW!!! that about says it all.
Had no problems installing the aircraft; worked great. I am having a little confusion with TCE, but everything else works well. She's a challenge to fly smoothly, but soooo much fun. Texturing/modelling are sensational, love the cockpit setup, and that engine sound..didn't expect that, and it is sooo much a part of the character of the 104.
-- Plncrzy

bought my 104 yesterday and i'm quite impressed!!!
This is quite definitely one of the best add-on planes i've ever seen and damn fast compared to other add-ons that are equal detailed. Keep up the great work Captain Sim (can't await the C-130) !!!
-- Janosch

Congratulations for this great Bird! I fly Sims since 1982, but your F104 is one of the most challenge I've ever flown!
I have flown hundreds of Birds in the Sim in the past 20 Jears, but this one, Yours, is the best I have ever seen!!!
-- Bernd Kugler

F-104 is fantastic! I LOVE IT!
Thank You CaptainSim! Cant wait for 707, C-130
-- Kris

Again you guys have succeeded in creating an add-on that is so real that it is almost unbelievable.
I've been waiting a very long time for this beauty but it is worth every minute that I was waiting!
In my Air Force Days I worked with the Zipper for 4 years and I had the opportunity to make a ride in a TF-104G. When I see your 2D cockpit and the VC, it is SO real!!!! BTW, this is the first time in FS2004 that I do like flying an aircraft in VC!!!
Thank you for a FANTASTIC Add-on, now I will wait for the C-130 and the F-117.
-- Johan "VIPER" Lemmers
the Netherlands

Captain Sim is outdoing itself with every new release and that seemed already hard to do with their first baby, the amazing L-39 !
-- Jan

I just wanted to drop a quick note to say THANK YOU for this extraordinary aircraft. The F-104 has been my "dream" plane since I was a child, and to have one this well represented in my sim hanger is nothing short of thrilling! It flies like I imagined, and looks even better. Keep up the great work- I know I'll be a returning customer!
-- Christopher Plasch IL, USA

I just wanted to say THANK YOU Captain Sim!
Amazing! What a plane...I got the landings down too...just forget everything you've learned about flairing and power and FLY it onto the runway! Gets a little easier every time.
Great work! Thanks again!
-- Thomas Ryan

Well... I was a bit reluctant to buy the 104 at first since I had spent so much on payware AC already (it seems to be an addiction). However, I went and bought the 104 and all I keep saying is "wow!" So glad I did...

Great job guys, I currently own your 727, and a few others here and there, but this has to be the top dog right now in payware aircraft. I dont know if the flight model numbers are exactly on or not but not sure I care... this thing is pure joy to fly and the package is very tight. Anyway, great airplane and keep up the good work, your 727 is a nice package too but the 104 is tops.
-- John Hillman

Just purchased it last night and I'm stunned. Fantastic work guys, that guy talking to me when I screw up is a riot!
Thanks for the plane and the memories!
-- John Keane

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