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The 'CL-130 Model' is a separate product and can be installed to default MS FS2004 without any other C-130 product pre-installed. The C-130 Base Package is highly recommended but not required. *

The 'CL' model is available in the following variations:
  • Clean (no exterior fuel tanks)
  • With 2 exterior fuel tanks
  • No dynamic shine (for matte liveries)
  • With dynamic shine
  • VC and wing view included
  • No VC and wing view included
  • EICAS equipped cockpit
  • Classic 'steam gauge' cockpit
In total, 24 model variations are available!

The U.S. Coast Guard livery is included in the package.

268 Free Liveries for the 'Legengary C-130' are available.
Note: The CL-130 model textures are compliant with C-130E model textures.**

List of the 'CL' Model specific features and enhancements:

  • Floats (2)
  • ATO Units (8) with realistic visual effects***
See the CL-130 Model FREE Manual for details.

* The Expansion Model uses 2D panels, VC and systems programming of the 'Legendary C-130' Base Package. If the C-130 Base Package is not pre-installed, some features and functionality limitations apply. See the CL-130 Model FREE Manual for details.

** Some restrictions apply. Check the CL-130 Model FREE Manual for details.

*** Due to the MSFS limitations the ATO is a visual effect only and does not supply any additional thrust. Our development team has some ideas on how to make the ATO affect the aircraft performance real time. But realization and programming of the idea can take unpredictable amount of time.

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