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2D Panels

The following high resolution 2D Panels and Interior Views are included:
    • Extensive Systems Programming (FS9)
    • Flight Management System (FMS) (FS9)
    • 2 high resolution full-screen 2D Panels
    • 6 High resolution full-screen 2D Interior Views**
    • 2 Passenger Wing Views
    • 40+ additional 2D Panels:
Simicons Panel; Animations Control Panel; View Control Panel; EFIS Panel; Overhead Panel; CDU Panel; Radio Stack Panel; Autopilot Control Panel; IRS Control Panel; Hydraulic Control Panel; Annunciator Panel; Evacuation Signal Control Panel; Electrical Control Panel; APU Control Panel; Cockpit Voice Recorder Panel; Lights Control Panel Left; Emer Lights/Oxy Control Panel; Window Heat Control Panel; R.A.T./Engine Start Panel; Fuel Control Panel; Engine Anti Ice Panel; Wiper Control Panel; Exterior Lights Control Panel; Passenger Signs Panel; Interphone (SELCAL) Control Panel; Pressurization Control Panel; Equipment Cooling Panel; Light Control Panel Right; Air Conditioning Panel; Bleed Air Control Panel; VHF COM1 Panel; VHF COM2 Panel; ADF Panel; ILS Panel; ILS2 Panel; Transponder/TCAS Panel; Yoke; Lights Control Panel; Radar Control Panel; ADI Closeup View; HSI Closeup View; EICAS1 Closeup View; EICAS2 Closeup View.
See Flight Manual for details.


    * - FS9 version only.

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