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TCE: Textures and Config Editor

What can you do with TCE?

1. Select, preview and add to FS2004 new B707 variations (designed by you or other people and distributed for free).

2. Manage your B707s fleet: select, preview edit and/or delete any existing B707 variation.

3. Perform complete pre-flight on any selected B707.

Textures templates for easy repaint will be included.

Consulted and tested by 707 and other heavy jets rated pilots.


The package includes a set of Captain, Stewardess and Ground crew callouts and announcements recorded by real pilot, stewardess and engineer.

Performing pre-flight (using TCE) you can select your crew nationality from the list and enjoy your native accent\language during a flight.

Unlimited language extension also available.

* Package does not include "Check & Set" interactive voice package, which was included in "Legendary 727" package.

Authentic Boeing 707 engines and cockpit sounds.


User's Manual and extensive Flight and Training Manual in 2 Parts designed by professional jet transport pilot according to real B707 documentation.

Part I: Systems Manual (Describes all simulated systems, layout and operation of the various panels, instruments and controls).

Part II: Operations Manual (Contains Limitations, performance info, check lists, normal operating procedures with number of flight profile charts included).

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