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America West, Arizona Cardinals scheme
by David Sweetman
Date submitted: May 05, 2006
Description: This repaint depicts a B757-2G7 of America West Airlines. It is painted with Arizona Cardinals scheme applied. This repaint requires Captain Sims payware 757-200 Captain and is 100% ACE compliant.
Hooters Air (Pace Airlines) Boeing 757-200
by Christopher N. Dittmar
Date submitted: Apr 18, 2006

Condor (Thomas Cook) 2006 "D-ABNF" Boeing 757-230
by Polat Alemdar (Bozo)
Date submitted: Apr 14, 2006

Northwest Boeing 757-200 c. 2000
by Daniel Pimentel
Date submitted: Apr 13, 2006
Description: A.K.A Bowling Shoe. Artwork and photos by Daniel Pimentel. Enjoy!
Continental Boeing 757-200
by Daniel Pimentel
Date submitted: Apr 11, 2006
Description: Hand-painted Continental 757-200 paint with a photoreal tail. Artwork and reference photos by Daniel Pimentel. Enjoy!
Delta Airlines Boeing 757-232
by Joe DeGregorio
Date submitted: Apr 05, 2006

Eastern Air Lines circa 1984
by Peter Liddell
Date submitted: Apr 03, 2006
Description: Eastern Air Lines hockey stick with 757 on the tail, as delivered, N521EA.
Blue Panorama Boeing 757-200
by Massimo Grassi
Date submitted: Mar 28, 2006

Axis Airways Boeing 757-200
by Mickael Caro
Date submitted: Mar 28, 2006

Czech Airlines
by Tomas Demel
Date submitted: Mar 13, 2006
Description: Czech airlines 757
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