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A box - is a boxed CD/DVD version of our product available via our publishers online or in retail.

As some of you may have already noticed Captain Sim does not release any new products to the box publishing since 2010. Now we are happy to announce the "box" times are officially over.

From now on all Captain Sim products will be available via environment friendly download only.

10 benefits from buying download version:

1. Environment friendly. Buy the download - save a tree.
2. Support. Access to CS Customer Support services. We do not support boxes.
3. Updates. If development of a product is not officially discontinued the updates (service packs) are available for instant download right upon release.
4. Expansions. Usually all expansions (extra models, features etc) are designed for and compatible with download versions only. Some of them do not work with the boxes.
5. Access. Instant availability via download.
6. No delays. Boxes were available in 6-18 months after initial download release.
7. Wider selection. Some products are available via download only.
8. More content. Some features are always available via download only.
9. Flexibility. No need to buy all-in-one-for-everyone box, buy the content/parts you really need, via download.
10. Buy directly = support new products development. Thank you.

What about remaining stocks of the boxes?

We believe the publishers will continue sales of the remaining stocks. But please note, CS will neither support nor update the boxes. Some of them are already outdated.

I've got a box, how can I check-in to use CS online services?

A valid Order Number is required for check-in.
Aerosoft B767 customers: you can find the Order Number on the box. Please note, the last version available to you as a free update is the 1.5 (the current one).
All other boxes: Unfortunately as you do not have the Order Number, you technically cannot check-in to access the Captain Sim Customer Support services. For support of the box please contact the box publishers directly.


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