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757 Captain 4.x Free Demo

We hope this Free Demo will help our customers to make more informed purchase decisions and thereby enhance their satisfaction with the 757 Captain product.


• No obligations, hidden fees, registrations, banners, adware etc
• Unparalleled visual quality and realism
• Designed according to FSX standards
• DirectX 9/10 compatible

• Highly detailed and accurate Models:
    - Boeing 757-200 (RR variant)
    - Boeing 757 Freighter (PW variant)
• High resolution textures of 2 Liveries
• Hundreds of Custom Animations
• Animation Control Panel
• 2 animated cargo Loaders + 30 animated cargo Containers
• 2 Load Manager Control Panels
• Stewardess model (various airline uniforms)
• Wing Flex
• Wing Flaps Vortices
• Blended Winglets
• Custom Self-shade
• Custom Views

• Highly detailed VC including:
    - Flight Deck
    - Passenger Cabin
    - Galley and lavatory
    - Lower Cargo Deck
    - Upper Cargo Deck
• Custom Self-shade
• Hundreds of custom 3D Animations
• High resolution Textures
• Custom Views

• 2 high resolution full-screen 2D Panels
• 40+ additional 2D Panels

Misc Features:
• Exclusive visual Effects
• ACE - Aircraft Configuration Editor
• After all it is Free!

Please note, the following features are not included in the Free Demo:
• Extensive Systems Programming (ADI, HSI, EICAS displays inop)
• Flight Management System (CDU inop)
• Realistic Flight Model (flight controls locked in the Demo)
• Custom system sounds and crew voice messages
• Authentic Sound Set - PW and RR engines (alias to default 737 sounds in the Demo)
• Collins WXR-2100 Weather Radar
• Aeronautical Data including Terminal Procedures
• Repaint Kit

How to get the Free Demo?

Please do not install the Free Demo if you already have the 757 Captain 4.x product installed. You will see nothing new but damage your original installation.

    1. Make sure MS FSX is not running.
    2. Save the Free Demo .exe file (~36 Mb) to any folder on your computer.
    3. Run* the downloaded .exe and follow the prompts.
If you wish to buy the 757 Captain 4.x product, click:
Start > Programs > Captain Sim > 757 Captain DEMO > Buy the 757 Captain
or just visit our Online Store.

When you done using the Free Demo just click:
Start > Programs > Captain Sim > 757 Captain DEMO > Uninstall
The Free Demo must be uninstalled prior to any 757 Captain product installation!

* If you have the older 757 Captain 1.4 (Block B) product installed please backup freeware liveries and/or other modifications of the original product and uninstall the 757 Captain 1.4 (Block B) prior to the Free Demo installation.

Enjoy Your Flight!
Captain Sim Team

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