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    Mod is a set of modified file(s) packed in zip archive.

  1. Anyone is allowed to modify any content of Captain Sim Weapon product except CSWeapon.dll.
  2. Only files modified by you can be distributed.
  3. Again, do not pack/distribute anything but files modified by you!
  4. Any Mod can be distributed/used exclusively as freeware expansion for Captain Sim Weapon product only.
  5. Any use/modification/distribution of any part of Captain Sim Weapon product in any other projects is not allowed.
  6. Any Mod should be uploaded to our server or any third party web site.
  7. 'Captain Sim' must be listed in the Mod credits. See User's manual for details.
  8. Info on all Mods must be submitted to Captain Sim online catalog. See User's manual for details.
  9. We neither check the content of the Mods nor support them. Use them on your own risk.
  10. All Mods are freeware expansions for Captain Sim Weapon, and remain a property of Captain Sim.
  11. This copyright policy is subject to change without notice.

  12. For commercial use of Captain Sim Weapon product components please contact us.

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