Space Shuttle Expansion for MS FSX/FS2004


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    • FSX and FS9 versions available *
    • All six Space Shuttle Orbiter vehicles models and textures:
      - OV-101 Enterprise
      - OV-102 Columbia (lost during STS-107)
      - OV-099 Challenger (lost during STS-51-L)
      - OV-103 Discovery
      - OV-104 Atlantis
      - OV-105 Endeavour
    • High resolution Commander view 2D Panel
    • HUD
    • Exterior Model Animation Control Panel
    • Simicons Panel
    • Radio panel
    • GPS panels
    • 33 Custom Model Animations
    • Highly detailed 3D Virtual Cockpit (VC) of the:
      - Flight Deck with Aft Crew Station
      - Mid Deck with Airlock
      - Payload Bay
    • 238 Custom 3D Animations in the VC
    • 3D flight instruments
    • VC High resolution textures
    • Systems Programming**
    • Exclusive Effects***
    • Realistic Flight Model
    • Pre-saved Flights
    • Voice Package
    • Add-on scenery
    • Extensive Flight Manual in three Parts
    • Bonus Set of three original NASA Manuals
* - Due to FS9 altitude limitations (99K ft) FS9 version has the following limitations:
    - 99K ft altitude limit
    - No Entry phase flight
    - TAEM flight start at lower altitude on HAC.
FS9 version costs less than FSX one.
Please note no upgrade from FS9 to FSX available except buying full FSX version.

** - The 'Space Shuttle' expansion features some of major systems that are normally in use during the following Space Shuttle Orbiter descent phases:
    - Entry through the atmosphere
    - Terminal Area Energy Management (TAEM)
    - Approach, Landing and Rollout
No launch, ascent or orbital phases/systems modeled.

*** - Entry plasma trail and orbiter body heat effects are not included in FS9 version.

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