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TLK-39: The most realistic fighter jet add-on on the market... Konotop AFB: Wow! That scenery is amazing! Excellent job! Flew for 2 hrs around the AFB trying to get familiar with the area.

-- Jeffrey Hendricks (CFS2 Online reviewer):

The best add-on I have ever seen for FS2000...

This plane is the best flying jet, by far, that I have flown in my ~20 years of flying MSFS. A humblingly realistic flight model. I don't want to sound like a cheerleader for it, but it's hard not to be one.

-- Eb Bian

Pretty damned good! Very accurate.
You guys should publicly be very commended. Your experience is evident. I have about 2 hours in it now...and WOW! What an awesome job you have done! I am VERY impressed.

-- Brian "Raptor" Robinson (L-39/29 Pilot, TX USA)

Awesome program! As a professional pilot I'm quit familiar with aircraft and the feel of flight, and I have to tell you this feels about as close to flying a jet as you can get with a desk-top PC.

-- Tony Elias (737-200 Pilot, UAL)

A lot of work has gone into this add-on. This is not a "run of the mill" add-on you can download from one of the numerous Flightsim sites out there. TLK-39C has a fully functional, clickable cockpit, with functional systems, just like the real deal!

-- Jorgen "Troll" Toll (SimHQ.com, Fokker 50 pilot):

I'm very glad to see your work I am a fighter pilot and aircraft designer for FS2000 and never imagined the accuracy in your visual models!!!!! Thank you for showing an excellent work. It will help me look higher and forward, trying to catch your high level work.

-- Henrique Marques (Fighter pilot)

The sim is fantastic by the way!!!

-- Stuart Maclean

I must say this is the most realistic plane ever to hit the FS market! Normaly I just take off and do aerobatics with any fsplane, but this plane is one that actually requires to learn to fly! This is amazing! I LOVE IT!

-- Tim Soetaert

This thing is amazing! I bought FS2000 just for this.
This is the first time in my sim experience that I had no idea what the heck to do after I'm in the cockpit. All the switches you need to turn on and off and on and off.... I love it!

-- "Leafer" From Alhambra, CA

I love your add on, its absolutely awesome.

-- Brian K. Deckard

The TLK 39 Albatross you guys built is AMAZING! Superb! It's beyond great.... maybe microsoft will learn something from you guys.

-- Paul MacQuire

I would like to congratulate you and your team on an excellent product, well done. The level of detail and authenticity is excellent, and I look forward to future releases.

-- Bill Moffat

I just want you to know that the aircraft is ABSOLUTELY THE BEST ADD-ON I've ever seen for FS2000!!!! Not only the aircraft, but the cockpit panel(s) and Konotop Air Base as well.
I hope you guys are going to produce more of these SUPERB add-on's, I think will be a customer for every add-on you produce! Congratulations with such a beautiful creation, I did not know this was possible, but you people made it happen!!!

-- Johan "VIPER" Lemmers (Nederland/ the Netherlands)

Just a short note to say that the L-39 is amazing! A great credit to you all.

-- Jon Isaacs

I really wish to thank you for your swiftness in responding to my dilema, despite it being the weekend. You, and your company should be praised for these efforts!!! Again, thank you very much and I hope to buy your next development, because I know it will be worth while, when such a great group is behind it!!!

-- David Isern

Just wanted to drop a short note to say that your L-39 simulator is really great. Unlike other add-ons there is a real challenge to fly the plane properly so it stays fun for a lot longer than other add-ons.

-- Austin O'Brien

I am thoroughly enjoying The L-39 Albatros and would like to be kept up to date with any other planes you do. Thank you for the work you put into this project.

-- Dennis Campbell

You have built a truly superb product. The Albatros is definitely my favorite add-on aircraft.

-- Bill Gowan

Thanks a lot for your product. It's one of the greatest add-on's I've ever seen. Perfect!

-- Lutz Frank

TLK 39C is the best add-on I ever purchased! Well worth the money! Can't wait for the MIG 21.

-- Fred Kaiser

I have now three hours flight time with the Aero L-39 and I had to say, that the l39 has the most realistic flight dynamics I have ever seen. Great job!!!

-- Bjoern (www.fsxperience.com)

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