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The 767 Captain (767-300 Base Pack, 767-200, Freighter, KC-767, E-767 Expansion models) version 1.5 is available and includes SP1, SP2, SP3, SP4 plus the following enhancements:
    New Features:
    - FMC flyover points support
    - FMC takeoff runway import from FSX flightplan
    - FMC progress page 2 engine fuel consumption data support
    - 2D panels (except the main one) updated to 16:9 monitors
    - Overhead timer sound
    - VC speed bugs
    - ATC_ID display in VC support

    - Improved pressurization system
    - ILS approach rolling fix
    - High altitude rolling fix
    - INSUFFICIENT FUEL message fix
    - 2D panel TCAS test fix
    - Improved APU
    - Improved Fire system
    - Improved TCAS
    - APU for in-air engine start issue fix
    - Hydraulic quantities fix
    - Landing Light Switch fix
    - DH REF setting fix
    - EICAS display left (ENGINE) button fix
    - NAV identifiers fix
    - Landing gear master caution and gear disagree message fix
    - IRS lights fix
    - NAV tuning fix
    - Generators failure fix
    - Voice recorder test fix
    - Heading Select Knob click fix
    - External Power in-use power lost fix
    - F/O side ALT warning light fix
    - Speed bugs in the 2D panel fix
    - EICAS hydraulic quantities display fix
    - Total fuel quantity display fix
    - FMC:
      - VECTOR legs drawing fix
      - Descend instead of climbing VNAV fix
      - Last waypoint disappearences fix
      - Turn diving fix
      - FS Flight Plans import path fix
      - Waypoint types drawing improved
      - STAR without TRANS selection fix
      - NAV/RAD-page radial with magnetic variation fix
      - Waypoint turn radius drawing improved
    - HSI:
      - Route drawing fix
      - Brightness control fix
      - VOR/ILS modes fix
      - Wind pointer fixes
      - Pointer fix
    - Radar:
      - Weather drawing improved
      - Tilt knob fix
      - Gain knob fix
    - Autopilot:
      - MCP speed intervention fix
      - Speed window blank out fix
      - Improved SPD Hold
      - GS capture improved
      - GS warning light and G/S INHIB Switch fix
      - Real weather crosswind autoland fix
      - 2D panel engagement fix

    - Voice recorder sound fix
    - GPWS altitude callouts fix
    - Altitude alert fix
    - APU sound loop fix
    - PACK sound loop fix
    - TCAS TEST aural warning fix
    - APU interior sound improved
    - Touchdown sound fix
    - No cockpit sounds fix
    - Seat belt and no smoking sounds fix
    - Pilots' windows sound synchronization

    - VC night lighting improved
    - Nose gear animation fix
    - Gauge position fix
    - Improved textures
    - Flaps animation fix
    - Independent Captain and F/O ceiling lights
    - Radar panel fix

    - FSUIPC dependency totally removed
    - Older versions of route (.rt files) support
    - Improved flight saving and loading
    - Code optimization
    - Airport's runway saving to *.rt file fix
    - Windows 7 installation fix
    - Freighter max number of stations fix
    - Cargo container weight fix
    - ACE widescreen drawing fix
    - ACE in Demo fix
    - ATC voice fix
    - Superfluous clickspots removed
    - Tooltips fixes
    - AIRAC Cycle: 1104 (07/APR/2011 - 04/MAY/2011) onboard

Sould I download and install the 1.5?

Only if you have purchased the 767 Captain (767-300 Base Pack, 767-200, Freighter, KC-767, E-767 Expansion models) before 19:30 UTC, 22 Nov '11.

How to get the 1.5?

1. Check-in to Your Profile.

2. In Your Profile click: Product (767 Captain family) > Extended Download Service and download the 1.5 to any folder on your computer.

3. Uninstall* everything from the 767 Captain family.
(Start> Programs> Captain Sim> 767 Captain> ).

4. Double click the downloaded csx767_1500.exe file to install* the Base Pack.

5. Install all Expansion models in any order.

* - The 1.5 will overwrite previously installed freeware liveries and/or other modifications of the original product. Prior to uninstall the product please backup all data added to the original product.

The 1.5 is the last free update of the 767 Captain.

Enjoy Your Flight!
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