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Blue Steel Missile
by Peter Lane
Date submitted: May 10, 2018
Description: The Avro Blue Steel was a British air-launched, rocket-propelled nuclear armed standoff missile, built to arm the V bomber force. It allowed the bomber to launch the missile against its target while still outside the range of surface-to-air missiles (SAMs). The missile proceeded to the target at speeds up to Mach 3, and would trigger within 100 m of the pre-defined target point. Blue Steel entered service in 1963, by which point improved SAMs with longer range had greatly eroded the advantages of the design. The supplied files contain the model plus code to add to the CSWeapons.xml file. Please read the 'Readme' file for instructions and information.
RB 05 Missile for Captain Sim 'Weapons for FSX'
by Peter Lane
Date submitted: Mar 29, 2018
Description: FSX RB 05 Missile for Captain Sim 'Weapons for FSX'. This is a model of the RB 05 Air to ground missile. The missile is a fly by wire type used and developed by the Swedish Air force. It has a large flare on the rear of the missile for guidance by the pilot after release. This guidance cannot be replicated in FSX but the missile will launch and have the flare showing after lock on has been achieved. The model was produced following a visit to the excellent Swedish missile museum in Arboga. Many thanks to the museum staff for showing me around. Code is included in the 'Readme' file to add this missile to your existing CSW config file. By Peter Lane.
RAF Donna Nook bombing range scenery
by Peter Lane
Date submitted: Mar 23, 2014
Description: RAF Donna Nook bombing range scenery. A beach range area in Lincolnshire, UK used by RAF and NATO aircraft for air to ground weapons practice. The scenry includes run in markers and soft targets as well as large bombing targets and straffe targets.The area also has its own observation and ATC tower's. See the readme for comm frequency and VOR/DME frequency. This scenery should be used with Horizon Simulations photographic VFR scenery Vol 3 software for best results as this is what it has been aligned to. It will also work with Just Flight VFR scenery. In the default FSX scenery the range targets will appear 'in land' of the coast between hills and the range site buildings locations will not look so good.
Meteor BVRAAM Missile
by Peter Lane
Date submitted: Jan 07, 2014
Description: Meteor BVRAAM Missile, shortly comming into service with Typhoon & Grippen Aircraft.
Strike at Libya : Interception (mission 2)
Date submitted: Oct 30, 2013
Description: This is a sequel mission of the previous Ground Attack mission. Player should Intercept/destroy 4 AI CS Migs using F-18's Radar to locate them.
Mission for F1A-18 plus 2 F-18 Liveries
Date submitted: Oct 26, 2013
Description: same with previous. Mission for CS_F1A-18 only, plus 2 F-18 Liveries for it : "Joly Rogers" & "Fighting Omars"
Mission: Carrier Operation : Strike at Libya
Date submitted: Oct 25, 2013
Description: Carrier Operation : Strike at Libya. Use your FSX Weapons in a challenging Military FSX Mission. For Default FSX F-18 & F-14D (by Dinno Cataneo).
Taurus (KEPD) Weapon
by Peter Lane
Date submitted: Aug 10, 2012
Description: Taurus (KEPD) weapon as used on Eurofighter, Tornado and Grippen aircraft.
AGM-28 (Hound Dog)
by Peter Lane
Date submitted: Jul 20, 2012
Description: AGM-28 Nuclear cruise missile for the B52, also refered to as the 'Hound Dog'.
KH55 Strategic Land Attack Cruise Missile
by Peter Lane
Date submitted: Jun 23, 2012
Description: Russian KH55 Cruise Missile
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